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Shelter IS Important

Goats detest getting wet, not just because they are fastidious, but because they are thin skinned. As goats have so little fat under the skin, they are very susceptible to chills.

In the bush they have caves and trees for their protection, so when they are tethered they must be provided with a wooden box, perhaps fitted with skids for easy mobility, or even a barrel (not to be confused with a metal drum) is better than no shelter. It is quite easy to pull the box on the skids, or to tip it up and over to new pasture, or roll the barrel to the next site chosen for feeding. A goat will often become very attached to its mobile home, as something of its very own, and will either rest on top of it in sunny weather or rush for the comfort of its shelter when it rains. Ensure that the shelter faces away from the prevailing wind.

A wire stretched between two pegs with a ring sliding upon it to which the goats chain can be fastened is a better form of tether than a single peg around which their chains can get knotted. The wire gives them more liberty of movement and a greater range to feed upon.

Above is the SPCA version of goat shelter