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This is another essential commodity to health, and a lump of rock salt in a small box or a daily ration of iodised salt from your hand does wonders for the goat.


Worms are often a problem in tethered goats, or those confined to a small area. When you acquire your pet, ask a veterinary surgeon for worm treatment and for advice as to how often it should be given. Another parasite of the goat is lice. These can be easily eliminated, but you will need to ask a veterinary surgeon for the most effective remedy.


Through insufficient exercise and the absence of natural wear and tear the hoofs often grow out of shape and become deformed and frequently infected with foot-rot. They should be examined often and kept in trim by paring away the over-growth of horn with a pair of sharp garden secateurs.


As the tethered goat relies solely on its owner for every comfort, a little more is expected of one. Patience and gentleness with frequent visits to prevent utter boredom, will keep up the spirits of a tethered animal, and give it something to live for.

If you cannot be bothered to give a little attention to your pet, give the vet a call and have him "put down" with a painless injection. This is the kindest move, as goats love company and are miserable living a life of loneliness along the roadside.Back to top

Above is Recomended by SPCA